Enhance the Ambiance of Your Home or Business by Installing Large Chandeliers

Installing chandeliers can lighten every corner of your room. Chandeliers of any shape, size, and design can bring life to a dull and boring room.

Importance of Lighting for Big Rooms

If you are into the hotel business, your focus would be to attract guests to your hotel. The moment they enter your hotel, the first thing they would see would be the lighting of the hotel. If your hotel is not well-lit then the guests might not feel comfortable staying at your hotel.

When it comes to chandeliers, you need not have to stick with the traditional ones. Companies like Sofary have a wide range of modern and contemporary designs to choose from. If you are looking at a more rustic approach for your home, you can opt for antler shaped, candle, or transitional chandeliers. To learn more about the different types of chandeliers that will suit your homes, you can log onto https://www.sofary.com/blogs/chandeliers/ultimate-guide-to-different-types-of-chandeliers

 If you are looking for ideas for chandeliers for your stairwell, then you might need to purchase chandeliers keeping two aspects in mind. One, on how much area you want to illuminate, and second, what type of chandelier you are looking for. Bear in mind to go for chandeliers with moderate lighting which can help add ambiance to your room as well as help you walk the stairs safely.

If you are looking at traditional designs with a contemporary look, then you can opt for column or prism chandeliers. These look good on homes with high ceilings. If you are looking for unique designs that water drop chandeliers with colorful crystals might be a beautiful choice.

Hotel foyers will look good with multi-bulb chandeliers designed with iron or metal fixtures. These are sure to attract the attention of the guests and leave them in awe. Large chandeliers are heavy and might require expert help to get them installed.

Why Go for Chandeliers?

This is a common question that goes into the minds of many people. Investing in a good quality chandelier might be expensive, but worth the single penny. If you still are skeptical on whether to purchase chandeliers or not, then the below features might be able to make you come to a favorable decision:

  • You can choose from different varieties and styles depending on your room space
  • A good quality chandelier is sure to light up the entire space
  • You can opt for modern, artistic, or contemporary designs
  • Chandeliers are versatile and can be decorated as per your needs and preferences
  • These are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

If you plan on installing chandeliers for your hotel, then the below tips might prove to be handy.

  • Ensure that the chandeliers installed in your hotel entrance or foyer are not too bright or glaring
  • Go in for dim lights for your hotel lobby
  • Go in for lighting in shades of yellow as it gives off a warm feeling to your guests
  • Ensure that your reception space is well lit with wall lights that can help guests feel welcome and accommodating


Chandeliers never fail to impress anyone. The right lighting illuminated with chandeliers is sure to make your home or hotel space elegant and sophisticated.

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