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Travel “write for us” and trihc.com invite visitors to contribute to the growth of the website and receive author credit for their work.
Our doors are always open to prospective authors who are interested in imparting some of their expertise, experience, or sound judgment to the Travel community. Our audience is looking for insights that can be put into practice on the technologies that are changing the travel industry and the innovators that make them possible. In a nutshell, pieces that will assist people on their journeys of development and change.
You are more than welcome to submit your pieces to us, whether you are a travel writer, a guest blogger, or an advertorial writer—just make sure they adhere to our requirements. We would appreciate it if you could go over the writer’s rules and then submit your post. Please be aware that we have very high standards for the content’s quality.
Your weblog entries must be unique, personally penned works that have never been seen or distributed elsewhere.

Criteria To Meet Before You Can Write For Us
Please make sure that the content you provide is relevant to vacations, travel, or places, as well as seasonal travel and theme travel.
The high qualitative, original, and innovative material
A tone that is upbeat, unambiguous, and uncomplicated
Words that are non-judgmental, open-minded, and non-racially insensitive
Word limit should be between 500 to 600 words
The subject at hand must be connected to travel in some way.
SEO optimization (pertinent keywords and titles)
Excellent composing abilities in the English language

What Makes You Think You Should Write For Us?
To draw attention to your website or blog
To encourage tourists and share your experience
The possibility of being the deciding factor in someone’s decision to go on a trip or of persuading someone to start packing their belongings for a trip

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